A product and app-based solution that supports people undergoing treatment for vaginismus.
The Problem
Vaginismus is ‘’a condition involving a muscle spasm in the pelvic floor muscles’’ that makes using tampons and having sex very painful or even impossible.
It is treated through pelvic floor exercises and vaginal dilators/trainers, but the process is long and emotionally draining. 
Research and Insights
A survey was sent to psycho-sexual therapists in order to gain insights into vaginismus and treatment. An interview was also conducted with a psycho-sexual therapist and sexual health specialist, and her feedback led to a lot of really useful insights. 
Based on expert interviews, dilators with a range of different features were ideated. These included self-lubricating mechanisms, vibration motors and heated elements. Potential hub features included phone holders, storage areas, lights and speakers. ​​​​​​​

Ideation for dilator, hub and vibration module. 

Handle options for the dilator were developed and prototyped, as well as designs for a 'hub' that could store the modular parts inside. Interaction with the hub in the environment of use (the bedroom) were tested, as well as an app that guides the user through the process of dilation. 
The Proposal
V & I offers a family of products to aid users in the treatment of vaginismus. The core product is the dilator; with detachable shafts of different sizes and a base to increase grip.
There is an optional vibration module as well as a ‘hub’ for those that want more support throughout the process. 
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