A web app that facilitates the creation of romantic connections remotely, a reaction to the COVID-19 lockdown that made in-person dating impossible.
The Brief
Set by Netflix in collaboration with Adobe for a Creative Jam, the brief asked for a third-party web app that allowed users to share their love of tv and film with loved ones.  This project was a 48 hour sprint open to university students all over the UK, USA and Canada which could be completed in a team or individually.
Quick wireframes were sketched out based on a basic sitemap consisting of homepage, dating, friend/connection list and watching screens. User testing was done and a Calendar feature was added based on feedback. 

Screen wireframes

Trending titles are advertised here and others can be searched for. If a title is hovered over it will show the film/series name, run-time and rating. Clicking a title allows the user to invite another user to watch with them. 
Dating cards show a user's name, age, profile photo and some of their viewing stats. These could include favourite films, quotes and actors. Attention is taken away from appearance and focuses on shared viewing habits; 'you both like Stranger Things'. This can act as an icebreaker when a conversation begins. 
When two users match, they will appear in each others' 'Matches' list and a conversation can begin. Users can invite their matches on dates, share a funny film clip or just talk on the Chat feature. 
All dates, pending or accepted, are shown on the calendar, and unwanted invites can be deleted. Launch parties are also added to the calendar based on the user's viewing habits.
When the date starts both users will be taken to the viewing screen. During the film they can chat and share favourite quotes and clips. After three dates the option to video chat will become available. 
Popcorn was awarded 88/100 by the judging panel. It ranked joint 18th out of over 500 submissions. Having not done such a short design sprint before I was really pleased with the result. 

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