An app that strengthens communities and reduces isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic by encouraging users to engage with positive local news, share resources and offer help to neighbours.
The Problem
The Co-vid pandemic led to international travel bans which left many people unable to return to their home country. They may not know the native language of the country in which they are staying, and are unlikely to have an extensive support system around them. These people do not have insider knowledge of their area so do not know where to get supplies if stocks run low in large shops. 
''I wouldn't know where to go if the usual shops I go to ran out of stock of essentials''
-Tamsin, international placement student

Presentation of secondary research

App Wireframes

Users were given paper prototypes with variations of screens and layouts to interact with. They were asked to complete simple tasks and the best-liked screens/layouts were identified. 
The chosen screens were then transferred to Marvel so that it could be used like a real app, which allowed for more dynamic user testing.
“I don’t think I’d want to call a stranger”.
- Anon, user
“Having a points system would 
encourage me to help more people”.
- Anon, user
The Solution
Pan is a municipal app that allows residents, native and non, to help each other out, receive moderated news stories and spread joyful messages and photos in times of crisis (eg. Co-vid pandemic). 
Pan aims to relieve stress and connect users with their community, combating feelings of isolation and loneliness. 
Super Helpers
Users asking for help have the opportunity to view the ‘MyAccount’ page of anyone offering it, where they can see their name, photo and amount of help requests and offers they have previously submitted. 
Some users may feel more comfortable accepting help from someone who has helped many people before, which is why the ‘Super Helper’ shields were designed. They also serve as a reward/incentive for users to keep helping others in their community. 
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